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Join us at HANNOVER MESSE 2018

As expressed in our motto for HANNOVER MESSE 2018, you are cordially invited to find out how Konica Minolta can turn your manufacturing process into digital connected reality, and what benefits you will reap from digital workflows for all stages of your manufacturing process – from product planning to assembly, from quality inspection to delivery and logistics.

Join us at the world’s largest international B2B industrial tech fair, with over 225,000 visitors and 6,500 exhibitors from 70 countries in 2017! In April, the HANNOVER MESSE again showcases the latest trends for IIoT and Industry 4.0. In Hall 8, Konica Minolta will be presenting our latest solutions around IIoT and Industry 4.0 as well as pioneering concepts that will shape industries in the future.

Do you want to innovate your workflows?

Here’s an outlook on what you will experience at our booth:




How to enter Industry 4.0 – IIoT Platform in cooperation with Siemens and AXOOM

Having joined forces with Siemens and AXOOM, Konica Minolta shows industrial companies how to digitalise manufacturing workflows and connect machinery and equipment. In order to improve work efficiency, machines can be equipped with sensors that visualise machine conditions and assess, for example, how long equipment has been operating and how often it was down. Analysing the digital data gathered from their machinery enables companies to generate business benefits such as reduced downtimes and increased productivity, thus minimising costs and ensuring a more effective usage of intelligent manufacturing facilities.

With their Smart Start Kit, Konica Minolta and AXOOM can even help SMEs with small capital investment to enter Industry 4.0 quickly, easily, and inexpensively. The IIoT platform MindSphere from Siemens on the other hand targets industry enterprises with broader requirements. Taking advantage of its own experience with MindSphere in its proprietary manufacturing sites in France and Japan, Konica Minolta has now formed a partnership with Siemens to bring this valuable expertise to its customers.

Picking and assembly – step by step with smart glasses

Konica Minolta’s smart glasses solution is designed to guide operators step by step through the picking and assembling process of industry components. The main advantages of this assistance are productivity enhancements, reduced training costs, improved quality through fewer mistakes, and a reduction of workplace accidents. Thanks to the paperless process, this solution also enhances the overall flexibility and lowers the cost of documentation. Visit our booth to try Konica Minolta smart glasses on an industrial show case and learn more about our experience and outcomes from successful pilot testing in Siemens and Honeywell factories in Europe.


Process automation – work smarter with Robotics BPO

Labour shortage seems to be one of the most alarming risk factors for sustainable growth in the manufacturing industry. It therefore appears essential to apply human imagination and creativity with more consequence not so much for routine tasks but to create innovations. Robotics BPO for SmartWork is a cloud based pay-per-use BPO service that leverages OCR and RPA technologies. Simply by scanning paper forms and documents, this intelligent service from Konica Minolta automates the completion of routine tasks like data entry and data checking in daily operations. The service not only provides cost reductions but also ensures work style transformation, as it achieves the shift from routine tasks to value added activities like sales or creative work, thus empowering the manufacturing industry with regard to successful innovation.


Digital Colour Data Management – better quality control throughout the supply chain

Konica Minolta’s Digital Colour Data Management solutions increase the efficiency and accuracy of quality control throughout the supply chain. They allow automating the visual inspection of vehicles, and ensure efficient and highly accurate inspections of colour and gloss on interiors and exteriors.

Machine and process monitoring – preventing accidents, damages to and loss of machinery & equipment and ensuring safety for personnel

An imminent machine breakdown is often preceded by the equipment heating up – but monitoring temperatures manually is extremely time-consuming. With the MOBOTIX and 3D-LiDAR thermal camera solution and their continuous thermal imaging of equipment, potentially dangerous heat sources can be detected early on to prevent machine outages and the possibility of serious injury due to equipment failure – all of which would cause high costs. Additionally, providing highest safety levels, an alarm is triggered by the 3D-LiDAR if personnel enter the close vicinity of the machinery.

Logistics – improving the efficiency of pickup work

With the MOBOTIX intelligent camera solution, goods and packages can be tracked across the entire logistics process. When the operator puts the package on the shelf, the location is clearly indicated by the camera. Since moving pictures are recorded while handling the goods, the system sends out an alarm if packages are in danger of falling down or being stolen. Aside from this, the system also accelerates the shipping process. Upon entering the number or scanning the barcode of the package that the operator needs to retrieve, the target package will be visualised by the camera. If the operator then selects the wrong package, an alert sounds. This allows picking up the correct package in a short time.

Technical instructions – work manuals solution for international operators and efficient management

In view of globalisation, implementing standardised work methods for each employee is important. However, many companies lack a centralised and efficient work manuals management system. AiLingual is a web service that optimises the writing and publishing of multi-language work manuals or educational materials. It speeds up the publishing of knowledge including that of foreign staff and revolutionises the development of human resources. This cloud communication system allows managing document preparation, translation, sharing, and feedback – all from a single workstation. AiLingual provides fully automatic translation into more than 20 languages. The work manuals can be published in the cloud to be accessible from computers, smart phones and tablets. Viewers of work manuals can also leave their feedback.


Gas monitoring – visualising the invisible

Gas leaks can mean disaster for anyone working in petrochemical refineries and plants, as well as vast environmental damages and the loss of billions of dollars. Gas leaks are typically detected during scheduled maintenance activities or through sensors that can only detect large-scale gas leaks – but soon, plants will be able to have their premises monitored in real time to detect even smaller gas leaks: Drawing on its expertise as a manufacturer of optical equipment and lenses, Konica Minolta is “making the invisible visible” by combining its high-resolution lenses with cutting-edge Far Infrared Technology (FIR) to detect leaks that previously went undetected.

A single camera, positioned high above the plant, enables the continuous monitoring of areas of up to 50,000m2. The combination of the FIR and regular visibility camera elements then allows Konica Minolta’s proprietary gas detection algorithm to superimpose the movement of gas, detected by the FIR camera, on top of the regular camera images to instantly pinpoint the location and amount of any gas leakage. Staff gain valuable seconds to initiate maintenance and emergency procedures that can save lives, protect the environment and safeguard the infrastructure. In addition, by utilising advanced analytics and machine learning, the camera facilitates the tracking of pipeline corrosion to help predict future leaks and avoid unnecessary plant shutdowns.


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